Malka Schallheim
Malka Schallheim spent her childhood in a small town far out on Long Island, and from a very young age spent hours drawing, painting and playing classical music on her flute. She then went on to study art in Pratt Institute in New York. When she rediscovered her Jewish heritage, Israel was the natural choice to call home. Together with her husband David, they have raised children, and now grandchildren, in their Jerusalem home. Malka’s artwork is varied, both in subject matter, and in style. Sometimes more realistic, sometimes more abstract, her art is an exploration of the marvelous effects of oil paint. Malka’s work, which combines both American and Israeli influences, conveys her love of the land of Israel and its’ people. Malka paints and teaches art from her home studio in Jerusalem surrounded by her beloved family. Her work is found in private collections around the world.
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